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Switching Attachments in FLL



  • Chris Schulz

    No, questions are good!

    We desperately need questions so we can build a better sim. :)
    The rules of modifying a robot within the base are unique to FLL. As I have come to understand, it can be difficult to build in project specific scoring / rules versus global rules that apply to all projects in the software.

    Let me check in with my developers to see what is possible.
    Obviously, this limitation (being able to modify models only within the base) is an important of recreating an authentic FIRST experience.

  • Droids Robotics

    It is more than an issue of "switching attachments only in base". It is generally impossible to do all the missions in an FLL year with just the one set of attachments you might start on your robot. Therefore, there has to be a way to switch robots/attachments (in the same timed/scoring session). Does that make sense? Can the user hit pause and allow for a new import?

  • Chris Schulz

    I think I get it.

    Changes or modifications to the robot can only happen in the Base during the physical contest.

    I'm sure we can do something like that in the sim.

  • Shawn Cefalu

    Any update on this?

    I think the other option (for now) is to run the multiple configurations as different robots and sum up the times.


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