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LDRAW Import Wizard - Stray piece issue


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  • Eric Himbeault

    This part often appears after exporting from LEGO Digital Designer. It actually is supposed to correspond to the red inset of the medium EV3 motor -- that is, the part of the motor that turns.

    Usually, after exporting from LEGO Digital Designer, the part is either missing or is at least shown in the right location, so people typically don't notice it. The part is not necessary for the robot to function in the Virtual Robotics Toolkit. If the part is visible, it is only a cosmetic issue.

    If you want, you can remove the part from your model, and it won't affect the behaviour of the robot in the simulator. You can do that either by editing the LDraw file, or by deleting it after the import process is finished.

    To remove it from the LDraw file itself, you can use an editor like MLCad or LDCad, or simply open it up in a text editor and delete the line that contains 59158.dat.

    You can also delete it after the import process is finished. If you leave it as a stray part, without assigning it to any component, it will be easy to find it under your robot in the Objects window of the Simulator.


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