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Timer starts during import


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  • Eric Himbeault

    You are astute to recognize that the simulator appears to be "playing" during the import process. That is essentially what is happening. During the final phases of the import process, the model is tested by running a simulation in real-time (albeit with different settings) to determine movement limits on the joints of the robot.

    We haven't made any efforts to hide this process while it is running in the background, so that is why you are able to see the sim starting and stopping behind the import dialog. You'll see the timer start and stop several times.

    That said, whenever you start the simulator, the timer always resets to zero, so it should not affect the regular usage of the mat. That is, each time you hit the play button to test your robot, the timer will start fresh from zero.

    Import times will vary from robot to robot. They shouldn't depend very much on the project they are being imported into, though. We can look into that issue more closely.


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